Tiny drawings are best drawings at
marcablanca press
During the whole month of 2023 January I worked with marcablanca press in the project tiny drawings are best drawings. A project which put emphasis in to show some of  the illustrations, drawings and doodles that I have been doing for the last two years in my sketchbooks.

The creative process of tiny drawings follows the process behind a diary, write down your thoughts every day in the form of a drawing without any kind of restriction as to how to draw something, to draw a certain theme or that something has to follow correct proportions; that is what makes these illustrations have the entity of drawings, drawings of the moment.

The concept for this window came from the idea to extract these sketchbook drawings made over a period of time and display them in different formats and in a certain way, with those same drawings that can narrate and tell a story or just not tell anything and compose something that aesthetically works.

To conclude the project we did a vernissage on the 29th januray and to show all the sketchbook that I worked with for the window.