My name is Pablo Sangüesa, I am an illustrator based in Madrid.

I have developed projects for advertising, creative studios, packaging for different brands, editorial illustration, illustration for stationary, mural paintings, exhibitions and book fairs. 

Selected Clients: Les AstronautesTroca CoffeeFUZZ COACME Estudio, MCNULTY Studio, AHD PAPER CO, Buük Editorial, Homie Store Melbourne

Exhibitions: marcablanca press 23, RFI Gallery 19

Festivals: Autozine 24Tenderete 24Mira Look Books 23Autobán 2023Nosotros Feriantes 9Mad Coffee Festival 22, Libros Mutantes 19, Fanzine Festival Sticky Institute Melbourne 18

If you have a project in mind or want to ask me anything please get in touch:

ilustra@pablosanguesa.com ︎

+ 34 683 638 487 ︎